Samsung Galaxy S8 Might Include Batteries From LG Chem After The Note 7 Fiasco


The Galaxy Note 7 fiasco has left Samsung red faced. The Korean tech giant, known for its dabs at Apple, is now in a tricky position. A complete flagship smartphone recall hasn't been witnessed in the mobile world prior to the Note 7. The device's exploding batteries have caused it to be declared a public safety hazard. Be forgetful enough to carry a Note 7 on a flight and you'll face a hefty fine as well. But as we exit 2016, the company should be eager to leave all these fires behind. To achieve that, we're going to have to see some extra love on the Galaxy S8. And that's exactly what Samsung appears to be doing. Some more information has surfaced today. Take a look below to find out more.

Samsung Electronics Might Shift To LG Chem As Primary Battery Supplier On Galaxy S8 Claims Korean Media

Not only did the Galaxy Note 7's explosions cause significant damage to Samsung's brand image, the company's initial response to the situation didn't win it any fans either. Caught with its pants down, the Korean tech giant scrambled to take action. Action it did take, but of the wrong type. Blaming Samsung SDI for the Note 7's battery problems, the company quickly changed suppliers.

However, when replacement units for the Galaxy Note 7 didn't fare any better, it became apparent that there was more to the problem. Given the widespread panic and damage caused by the Note 7, Samsung halted production of the device. Subsequent recalls were initiated, complete with fireproof packaging and gloves. These events now appear to bring long time rivals Samsung and LG closer.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery explanation

Sources now expect Samsung to use batteries from LG Chem for the Galaxy S8. Earlier reports considered the manufacturer for replacement Note 7 units as well, but given their production cycle, the move seemed unlikely. “We are looking at diverse suppliers, including LG Chem,” a Samsung executive was quoted. If Samsung does choose LG, then we'll witness closer co-operation between stark rivals. From appliances to smartphones, the two are head to head on a variety of fronts.

Samsung's yet to determine the cause of the Note 7's explosions. Reports right now suggest that the company's eagerness to make the device razor thin might be the culprit. We've also heard that the Korean manufacturer has been unable to replicate the incidents on its own. Let's hope its able to get to the bottom of this matter soon. Till then, stay tuned and let us know what you think in the comments section below. We'll keep you updated on the latest.