Galaxy S5 May Use Snapdragon 805 – Flexible Galaxy S5 Concept.

Sohaib Ahmad

The Snapdragon 805 unleashed by Qualcomm is rumored to be featured in the upcoming Galaxy S5. Many exciting rumors surrounding the S5 and the iPhone 6 are coming in. It seems that Samsung will employ the same strategy they did with this generation, use both the Exynos chip and the Snapdragon SOC in different versions of the Galaxy S5.

Concept Reveals Flexible Aluminum Galaxy S5

One of the Amazing concept of the S5 is of a flexible aluminium phone with monstrous specs. With the S5 rumored to have a 2560 x 1440 resolution display and the PPI turning out to be a massive 587, concepts are becoming a reality. Here, Drool over these pics.

Galaxy S5

Galaxy S5

Although the LG G Flex has a bendable screen, the resolution on it is a poor 720p. We hope to see an impeccable display on the upcoming S5. Th Snapdragon is fully capable of even handling 4k, although the S5 wont be carrying a screen of that resolution, the extra power will be useful in playing hardware intensive games. According to Qualcomm, the Adreno 420 is 40% more powerful than the currently fastest Adreno 330.

Leaks have revealed a metal frame which points to a screen slightly bigger than 5'. The 16 MP camera is nearly confirmed also. Some other rumors include an eye scanner, much like the finger-print scanner on the iPhone 5S. In the end these are just concepts made by people, however it would be awesome if Samsung actually employs one of these.

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