Galaxy S5 May Use A 5 Inch+ 2560×1440 AMOLED screen

Sohaib Ahmad

According to reports the upcoming flagship of Samsung, the Galaxy S5 will sport a 2k resolution screen. The resolution will be a mammoth 2560 x 1440 resulting in 3.7 million pixels. Many common and modern monitors and laptops haven't even crossed the Full HD threshold and the S5 comes in with a 2k screen. The resulting ppi of 560 will be far ahead of the 'Retina' standard which Apple introduced ages ago.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Might Utilize A Staggering 2k Display

Although the VIvo Xplay3s was supposed to be the first phone with a 2k display and may yet be, the Galaxy S5 rumors never cease to impress. WIth this next-gen display, we should expect a next-gen SOC. Logically an extremely powerful GPU will be required to push so many pixels. The important question here is of power consumption. Both the screen and the GPU will require a lot of power.

Galaxy S5

The type of screen will most probably be AMOLED. Other possible hardware include a 64 bit SOC, possibly Octa-core. The camera is speculated to be based on the ISOCELL technology and carries a 16 MP sensor. This new technology provided higher light sensitivity resulting in better low light performance.

Although curved and  bendable screens have been released via the LG G Flex and other phones, a 2k resolution on a smartphone is something new. With this much of resolution, a 720p screen looks antique. However there is a threshold level beyond which the eye will not differentiate between pixels well, now manufacturers should focus on color accuracy,viewing angles, durability and most importantly power consumption.

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