Galaxy S21 Series Sees 15 to 20 Percent Higher Sales Than Predecessor

Furqan Shahid
Galaxy S21 Series Sees 15 to 20 Percent Higher Sales Than Predecessor

No matter how impressive the Galaxy S20 series was, the one thing that remains a fact is that the entire series suffered from poor sales for several reasons, with the pandemic being one of them. However, with the Galaxy S21 series, Samsung expects better sales. According to the latest report, pre-orders for the Galaxy S21 series are higher than those for Galaxy S20 devices.

Samsung Hits a Homerun with Higher Pre-order Sales for the Galaxy S21 Series

A report from South Korea suggests that Samsung is experiencing higher pre-orders of the Galaxy S21 series. How high? The pre-orders are anywhere from 15% to 25% higher than the Galaxy S20 series in South Korea; industry officials have also mentioned that the demand for the unlocked S21 devices has tripled compared to the Galaxy S20. However, the local mobile carriers have not seen an increased demand as compared to last year.

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For those wondering. Last year's pre-orders for unlocked devices accounted for 10% of all the pre-orders. However, this year, the pre-orders for the unlocked S21 series has accounted for 30% of all the pre-orders in South Korea. Samsung is also offering free Galaxy Buds series and Galaxy SmartTag with the Galaxy S21 series.

This is certainly good news for Samsung, but at the same time, it does pose a question. If you remember, Samsung didn't expect the  S21 series to sell that well, and therefore, expected a smaller production run. If this is the case, could we see a shortage happening?

Whatever the case is, the S21 series is certainly an impressive one and feels like a true successor to the Galaxy S10 series, which ended up being one of the most popular series from Samsung.

Have you pre-ordered your S21 device, or are you still waiting for final reviews to drop? Let us know your thoughts.

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