Galaxy S21 Pre-Order Reservations Now Live in the U.S.

Furqan Shahid
Galaxy S21 Pre-Order Reservations Now Live in the U.S.

It is safe to say that 2021 is shaping up to be an exciting year for the tech world as Samsung is going to be lifting the curtains of the Galaxy S21 series in the second week of January, 14th, to be precise, and we have heard so many leaks and rumors about the device so far.

Today, however, Samsung has decided to go ahead and opened up the pre-order reservations for the Galaxy S21 series in the U.S. So, yes, the phone is going to be launching sooner than what most people may have expected. While it might upset some S20 series users, the end justifies the mean here, and that is what we are looking at.

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People in the U.S. Can Now Reserve Their Galaxy S21 Preorders

As you can see, looking at the screenshots below, people residing in the U.S. can now go ahead and start reserving their preorders, which essentially means that they will be notified when the preorders go live. Whether you are looking to get your hands on the Galaxy S21, S21+, or S21 Ultra, you will now be able to do so much quicker and faster. This can be done by heading over to the Samsung Shop app, tapping the Reserve Now button on the new banner. You will then be redirected to the preorder registration page that shows all the terms and conditions. You can check out the screenshots below, courtesy of XDA.

As you can see in the screenshot, if you go ahead and register for the preorder notification, you are going to get $60 instant credits towards accessories for your new Galaxy S21 series device. This will also include a $10 credit for anyone who preorders through the app. Once you have clicked on the Reserve button, you will get a notification as soon as the Galaxy S21 preorders go live. It is also important to know that you will be able to trade in your old devices and get a discount of up to $700 on your purchase, in addition to saving 5% on the purchase with Samsung Discounts.

Although Samsung has not revealed any release date, it is safe to say that the official announcement is happening on January 14th, two days after the unveiling of the Exynos 2100.

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