Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra in Phantom Silver Looks Stunning

Furqan Shahid
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra in Phantom Silver Looks Stunning

The official renders for the Galaxy S21 and S21+ were leaked only a few hours ago, and from that leak, the Galaxy S21 Ultra was notably missing. Well, not anymore, as we have obtained fresh renders of the Galaxy S21 Ultra in Phantom Silver, and yes, it looks absolutely amazing, something that I'd expected from Samsung at least.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra in Phantom Silver Could be My Next Phone

These are, again, official renders, which means that they are by Samsung. They have been leaked by WinFuture again, and we are not complaining because the more we look at the device, the better, right? Well, I am not going to take much of your time and show you the device below.

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Galaxy S21 Ultra
Galaxy S21 Ultra

The thing that surprised me here is that it seems like the Galaxy S21 Ultra also has a flat display, but it is hard to tell, at least in the picture. I love this phone the most, aside from its stunning looks, is how small the camera bump is. You will know what I mean if you have seen the Galaxy S20 Ultra or the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. It also seems like Samsung is going with frosted/matte colors this time around, which is definitely something that I love over the fingerprint magnet that the glossy glass can do.

Another great thing here is that the Galaxy S21Ultra will be supporting S-Pen, but will not have any slot for the stylus. The entire series is set to debut on the 14th of January next year and will be coming alongside the Galaxy Buds Pro.

Considering how the Galaxy S21 Ultra is only going to be available in Phantom Silver and Phantom Black, you can expect the other colorway to leak soon, and when it does, we'll be sharing that with you, as well.

Let us know what you think of Samsung streamlining the design even more. Do you think it works, or should they go back to the drawing board?

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