Galaxy S20 Ultra Design Could Include Materials Apple’s Premium iPhones Use, Making It More Expensive

Omar Sohail
Galaxy 20 Ultra Design to Include Same Expensive Materials iPhones Use

Smartphone makers started using aluminum to give their phones a more premium feel while also upping the price for the consumer. Samsung, for the most part, has employed a glass and metal combo for its handsets, but with the Galaxy S20 Ultra design, things might take a different turn. Samsung is rumored to make the Galaxy S20 Ultra even more premium than other handsets, but it’s expected to come at a cost.

Galaxy S20 Ultra’s Price Leak Shows an Expensive Flagship, Possibly Due to the Use of Stainless Steel

The leak comes from Max Weinbach who says that the Galaxy S20 Ultra design will feature stainless steel. This obviously implies that the other two members of the Galaxy S20 family will stick to aluminum. Apple already uses stainless steel for the iPhones and using the same material for the Galaxy S20 Ultra will allow Samsung to put it at the same footing as the Cupertino giant’s premium phone lineup.

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However, the inclusion of stainless steel in the Galaxy S20 Ultra design can also make it heavier. The phone is expected to weigh 221 grams, whereas last year’s Galaxy S10 Plus weighed in at just 175 grams. However, the increase cannot be attributed to just the build material alone, as the phone is also expected to have a bigger 6.9-inch screen and a gigantic 5000mAh cell.

Moreover, if this alleged weight is true, it’s still less than the 226 grams the iPhone 11 Pro Max has, and this flagship also flaunts a steel and glass chassis. Samsung has taken a lot of steps in the past to keep the weight of its phones down, and it could be anything from the alleged smaller frame or the thin profile of the Galaxy S20 Ultra that has presumably helped it to keep the weight within a reasonable range this time too.

Given the rumored specifications of the upcoming device, it’s not hard to see why Samsung has supposedly opted for stainless steel for the Galaxy S20 Ultra design. Then again, we have heard similar rumors in the past too and they never materialized, so take this report with a pinch of salt and we’ll be back with more updates.

Image Credits: Ben Geskin

News Source: Twitter (Max Weinbach)

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