Galaxy Note 9 Might Not Have a Compelling Selling-Point as far as the Chipset Is Concerned

Omar Sohail
Galaxy Note 9 no 7 nm chipset

If you’re waiting for the Galaxy Note 9 on account that the flagship phablet will feature ‘never before seen’ features, then you will be disappointed to know that the in-display fingerprint reader might be all there is to it. According to Samsung’s latest financial report, there is no mention of the tech giant taking advantage of the 7nm process, so it is very unlikely that we’ll be seeing a Galaxy Note 9 touting a more advanced chipset.

Samsung Has Been Reported to manufacture Chips Using the 8nm Process but the Galaxy Note 9 Might Not Be the Recipient to This

Samsung has finalized the deal regarding the 8nm node but when it will be commercialized is information that has yet to surface. There has been a report detailing that advanced chips will also be manufactured by its S3 factory, the same one that’s now producing the Exynos 9810.

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To recap, the Exynos 9810 is a 10nm FinFET SoC and the latest financial report of Samsung mentions that the company will focus on developing and increasing the mass production of this chip. Unfortunately, for the company’s 2018 agenda, there is no mention of the 7nm node being used.

Theoretically, the 7nm FinFET architecture will bring more efficiency goodness and allow manufacturers to further increase the clock speed of mobile processors for added performance and little hit to the battery life. However, it is possible that Samsung is not pursuing this manufacturing process because of the expensive cost variable.

The inclusion of the same chipset in the new Note 9 might be the beginning of a new and disappointing trend of declining innovation in the chipmaking segment. This is because the technology in the new flagship is not much different as compared to the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+, which are scheduled to get announced later this month.

The Galaxy Note 9 is expected to be officially announced during late summer, much like the previous additions to the phablet series and will be armed with the Exynos 9810. This might not be what the company’s loyal consumer base must be waiting for but there are other things to look forward to.

News Source: Samsung

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