Top Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Fast Car Chargers [List]


Top up your battery quickly on the go with these Samsung Galaxy Note 9 fast car chargers. These options are 100% safe and offer protective features as well.

Grab the Best Galaxy Note 9 Fast Car Chargers and Juice up Rapidly on the Go

At this point you'd think buying a car charger is super easy. Just walk into any store, spot a USB-A port with a 12V input and shove it your car. Well, it's not that simple, really. See, while some chargers do get the job done, but many fail to offer fast charging capabilities for smartphones like the Galaxy Note 9. After all, you're dealing with a 4000mAh battery here which needs all the power that it needs to juice up rapidly. This in turn means that you need something that is fully compatible with the new smartphone. Thankfully, the Galaxy Note 9 plays nicely with Quick Charge 3.0, so that particular tech is what you need if you're going to fast charge your device on the go. So, let's have a look at the best Galaxy Note 9 fast car chargers available right now.

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While you are checking out the car chargers below, you may also like to check out the following:

Anker PowerDrive Speed 2

Galaxy Note 9 fast car chargers

This bad boy has multiple USB-A ports that both support Quick Charge 3.0. Do you know what this means? It means that it can charge two Galaxy Note 9 smartphones at full speed at the same time.

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Anker PowerDrive+ 1

Galaxy note 9 fast car chargers

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Need a super cheap yet high-quality option? Then there's the PowerDrive+ 1 just for you. It features a single Quick Charge 3.0 port that can do a variety of devices should the need arises apart from the Note 9.

Buy Anker PowerDrive+ 1 [Amazon link]

Anker PowerDrive+ 4

galaxy note 9 fast car chargers

The Anker trend continues with the PowerDrive+ 4. It has a total of four ports. One USB-C, two regular PowerIQ USB-A ports and a Quick Charge 3.0 port. This means that you can charge a wide variety of devices at the same time. Perfect for traveling.

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AUKEY 39W Car Charger

galaxy note 9 fast car chargers

Just like the Anker option listed above, this one offers two Quick Charge 3.0 ports as well. It features a simple design, offers rapid charging and has all the safeties in place to keep your device in the green area while charging.

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Roav Spectrum

galaxy note 9 fast car chargers

Not only does this charger feature Quick Charge 3.0, but it has other neat tricks under its sleeve. For example, it doubles up as a car locator, has a dedicated, will monitor your car's battery and more. And you thought car chargers were just 'normal' devices, right?

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RAVPower 54W Car Charger

galaxy note 9 fast car chargers

This car charger has 5 ports in total. Out of those 5 ports, only one is Quick Charge 3.0. But that's ok, because if you are planning a road trip, then this ensures that everything can charge up quickly for everyone, even those sitting in the backseat.

Buy RAVPower 54W Car Charger [Amazon link]

Meagoes USB-C Car Charger

galaxy note 9 fast car chargers

This is an excellent little car charger because it features a built-in USB-C cable so you don't have to buy your own, or bring an extra one on your trip. Apart from that, it has a Quick Charge 3.0 USB-A port as well, allowing you to fast charge a second device if you have any.

Buy Meagoes USB-C Car Charger [Amazon link]

iVoler 36W Car Charger

galaxy note 9 fast car chargers

This brilliant little charger features one Quick Charge 3.0 port and one regular USB-A port. But that's not the exciting part - it ships with a 2-in-1 USB cable as well, which is micro USB and USB-C on one end and USB-A on the other that goes into the car charger. It's a neat little bundle and caters to all Android devices out there.

Buy iVoler 36W Car Charger [Amazon link]