Galaxy Note 9 Screen Size to Come in at 6.4 Inches With Thankfully a Much Larger Battery, According to Latest Rumor


The rumors are churning in for the Galaxy Note 9 and Samsung’s quest to incorporate a slightly larger battery capacity in the upcoming flagship. The phablet will also boast a larger screen size than the Galaxy Note 8 in order to give users that slightly increased real estate but at the same time, it will have increased space for a bigger battery capacity.

Galaxy Note 9 Battery Capacity Hovering in Between the 3,850-4,000mAh Range as the Device Is Rumored to Be Bigger Than the Galaxy Note 8

At 3,850-4,000mAh, Galaxy Note 9 would have the largest battery ever seen on a Note series smartphone. The phone is still likely to support Samsung’s Adaptive Fast Charging. However, it is not known whether the company’s Snapdragon-powered models provide support for Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 as none of the previous flagships did. The bone of contention here is a licensing issue stemming from Qualcomm’s demand for royalties. Let’s hope that Note 9 will not have battery issues like those seen in the Note 7.

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For now, the Galaxy Note 9 still remains a mystery as very little information is known about the smartphone so far. There have been rumors that the phablet will feature the next-generation Bixby AI which could make the device smarter than its predecessors.

Coming to the remaining hardware specifications, the phone is likely to come with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of internal memory for the base model. Featuring 8GB of RAM would unnecessarily increase the cost of the Galaxy Note 9 and seeing as how premium devices like these are already fetching unbelievable prices, it would not make sense for Samsung to incorporate such internals.

The Note 9 might sport an advanced high-frequency antenna for efficient 5G connectivity performance, but it is also possible that it is rocking a high-speed LTE modem called the Snapdragon X24 instead.

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News Source: Twitter (UniverseIce)