Galaxy Note 10 Plus Pre-order Promo Leak Reveals Very Impressive Offer for Early Adopters

Omar Sohail
Galaxy Note 10 Plus pre-order Verizon promo image leak reveals huge reward for customers

The Galaxy Note 10 Plus pre-orders are expected to begin shortly after Samsung takes center stage in New York on August 7. Customers who are willing to become an early adopter of what could be the most expensive Galaxy Note model ever churned out by Samsung are expected to be rewarded handsomely. Turns out, according to a promo image leak, that’s exactly what’s going to happen, and the offer is quite unbelievable if you choose to read on ahead.

Verizon Galaxy Note 10 Plus Pre-order Promo Material Shows Customers Will Get a Free Note 10

Once more, we can rely on our trusted Twitter leakster Evan Blass to bring forth some noteworthy leaks, and this one, in particular, is something you’ll want to watch out for if you plan on upgrading to the larger, more powerful Note 10 Plus. According to the Verizon pre-order promo image, the more premium Galaxy Note 10 Plus will support 5G connectivity, giving you unprecedented speeds, if you happen to be at the right location.

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The Galaxy Note 10 Plus is also expected to be sold in three storage configurations, starting from 256GB, and going all the way up to 1TB of onboard memory, so we wouldn’t be surprised if Verizon extends the offer for all three versions. Coming to that impressive offer then, those who pre-order the Galaxy Note 10 Plus will get a Galaxy Note 10 for their troubles, absolutely free, if you make a purchase the day Verizon opens up pre-order registrations.

However, one thing we noticed is that the additional terms and conditions were left out of the leaked promo. Firstly, based on our experience with carrier offers, they don’t simply outright provide a free phone out of the blue.

The free offer could mean that either customers will have to pay for both smartphones, and the Galaxy Note 10’s original retail price in the U.S. could be reimbursed to the Galaxy Note 10 Plus in the form of monthly bill credits, the duration of which could last for 24 months, depending on Verizon's offer. This can mean that to completely get reimbursed from Verizon, you'll have to continue using the larger Note 10 Plus for two years.

Another condition could be that Note 10 Plus customers will be required to complete their 24-month contract, during which they can also continue using the Note 10. However, should they switch to another device while attempting to return the current flagship, they might have to return the freebie.

Naturally, we’d advise you to take this link with a pinch of salt and wait for Verizon’s official announcement when it comes to Galaxy Note 10 Plus pre-order offers. If the U.S.-based carrier is indeed providing a free Note 10 with a ‘no strings attached’ contract, it will be a dream come true for early adopters.

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News Source: Twitter (Evan Blass)

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