Future AirPods Might Feature Bone Conduction Tech for Enhanced Audio

Ali Salman
Apple Patent AirPods Bone Conduction

Apple spends a lot in research and development and to protect the technology, the company files a plethora of patents. While it is not always certain that the technology highlighted in the protected documents will ever see daylight, it is good to secure an idea for the future just in case. According to a new Apple patent, Apple might be looking to incorporate bone conduction tech into the AirPods for better audio quality.

Apple Might Use Both Air and Bone Conduction Tech For Varying Frequencies in an Attempt to Enhance Audio Quality

We have previously heard that Apple plans on launching high-end over-the-ear headphones with new features. Could the patented tech have anything to do with it? The patent was granted to Apple by USPTO that shows how the company can improve audio quality and immersion. The technology revolves around the concept of bone conduction and how Apple will implement it.

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The company might be looking to use two methods, both air and bone conduction for a richer and immersive audio listening experience. Bone conduction technology works through vibrations emitted into the human skull. This allows the ear to remain idle to listen to ambient audio from other sources. However, there are bound to be some complications that Apple sells a solution to. Since the human skull can only transmit below 4KHz, an ear can hear ranging from 20Hz to 20KHz.

Apple Patent AirPods Bone Conduction

Apple might be looking to use both the standard and both conduction mechanism to transmit audio. The low and mid-range frequencies will be processed using compressors for reduced dynamic range. The compressed signals will be delivered through a component and transmitted through bone conduction. High-range frequencies, on the other hand, will be delivered through air conduction.

The course of the patent goes on to describe that the air conduction won't be too hard on the ears so the ambient sound will still be able to pass through. Ultimately, you will be able to enjoy the music while being able to listen to the sound from the surroundings.

Since it is just a patent at this point, we're not sure if Apple is indeed working on a product swith similar tech. What do you think of the new bone conduction technology?

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