Funcom’s Next Game Is Multiplayer Focused and Based on The Secret World IP


Norwegian studio Funcom recently held a financial report for the investors, just like most other studios this month, and there are some interesting tidbits to report.

While Funcom's big focus at this point in time remains Conan Exiles, the first person open world survival game due to launch later this Summer on Steam Early Access (and later on consoles as well), another game has received the green light and moved into alpha production. This Unreal Engine 4 powered title will be based on The Secret World IP, much like The Park, but it's going to be a multiplayer game.

The project is being handled by Funcom's North Carolina team and we can expect it to "innovate" and "experiment" in a similar fashion to Oslo's team with The Park. The tentative release date is Q4 2016 on PC, though if The Park is any indication the game will find its way onto PlayStation 4 and Xbox One after a few months. Due to the limited budget and experimental focus, Funcom expects this title to have limited impact on revenue.

Another "smaller" kind of a game should start development later in 2016; this one will be based on the Conan IP. The good news for fans is that Funcom still intends to support older titles like The Secret World itself, Age of Conan and even Anarchy Online, the Sci-fi MMORPG originally released fifteen years ago.