FSP Introduces the Dagger Pro SFX 750W and 850W Power Supplies

Dagger Pro SFX
Source: FSP

FSP has announced two new addition to its Dagger Pro SFX power supply series, and these new additions feature a wattage capacity of 750 and 850. Making them perfect for small but powerful PC builds and offers support for many Mini-ITX workstations, gaming rigs, or creator PCs due to the SFX form factor. Although if your chassis utilizes the ATX standard, each PSU comes with an ATX chassis adapter to ensure maximum compatibility.

FSP has added two new power supplies to its Dagger Pro SFX PSU series, featuring a capacity of 850W and 750W

The Dagger Pro SFX 750W / 850W power supplies feature a mostly black color scheme, allowing this power supply to blend into nearly any system without issue. In addition to this black color scheme, it utilizes the SFX form factor, which is considerably smaller when to the standard ATX form factor.

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ATX Chassis Adapter
Source: FSP

This smaller form factor still offers high compatibility for the ATX PC chassis due to the included ATX chassis adapter, while it features a depth of 100m, a length of 125mm, and a height of 63.5 mm. These dimensions ensure compatibility with smaller SFX PC chassis; it also features a modular design. This modular design ensures no extra cords are needed, but this power supply can support high-end motherboards as it features dual CPU connectors.

Source: FSP

It uses a 92 mm fan optimized for low-noise operation, and this low-noise operation ensures that if the workload is below 20%, the fan stops spinning to reduce the noise even further. While even at maximum workload, the fan has a maximum noise level of below 20 dBA. This ensures that your PC can feature high-end components and still be quiet at the same time.

This power supply features an 80 PLUS gold certification which guarantees that this PSU will have a minimum efficiency of 90% at 50% workload for the PSU. This ensures high efficiency and high reliability for your gaming PC or workstation, ensuring it doesn't randomly shut off when you need it most.

These power supplies are currently available on Newegg, with the 750W model having a price of $179.99 while the 850W model has a price of $209.99.

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