Lian Li Launches the SP750 Fully Modular Power Supply!


Lian Li has announced and made the SP750 power supply available for pre-order from websites like Newegg, Caseking, and Overclockers UK. The SP750 features a fully modular design, and an 80 PLUS GOLD rating ensures that even during high workloads, this power supply delivers fantastic efficiency. It comes with a 5-year warranty and features a price tag of $139.99 on Newegg.

Lian Li Introduces the SP750 power supply featuring a modular design and braided cables, and it's currently available for pre-order at Newegg!

The SP750 power supply features a grey minimalistic color scheme, and it features an aluminum housing which provides a fantastic mixture between a fantastic design and a high level of durability.

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In addition to the sleek aluminum housing, it integrates a brushed aluminum housing to allow for an incredibly modern look while keeping the overall size of this power supply manageable for smaller PC builds. It features a length of 125mm, a width of 100mm, and a depth of 63.5mm.

It utilizes a modular design, allowing you to only connect the cords you need; this can significantly help with airflow for smaller cases as there aren't extra cords lying around inside the PC case. This modular design also allows you to get customized power cords, allowing for even more customization of your PC, although this PSU does come with all the needed cords.

Source: Lian Li

This power supply features a maximum output of 750 watts. It has an 80 PLUS GOLD rating, ensuring that this PSU will deliver high output and good reliability even during heavy workloads. It utilizes Japanese Electrolytic capacitors, which have a fantastic reputation for their great manufacturing quality, and performance capability even under high temperatures.

The LIAN LI SP750 power supply is currently available for pre-order from Newegg with a price of $139.99 with an expected release date of July 12th.

Although there is an expected bundle of the O11D MINI with the SP750, with non-braided cables, to be available for pre-order in Mid-July for $189.99, meaning if you need a case and a power supply and can wait, you may want to get that bundle when available.