[Updated] Fix TaiG 2.0 “Apple Driver has not been found”, Error 1101, 1102, and More

Yesterday we heard about Apple being ready to release iOS 8.4 Golden Master build. Of course, that only hints that public release is no far from now. As was expected earlier, hackers were only waiting for Apple to release iOS 8.4 (which is the final update before Cupertino tech giant releases iOS 9) before they could release a jailbreak solution.

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fix Apple Driver has not been found taig ios 8.3

With release of iOS 8.4 almost on us, TaiG team has announced TaiG 2.0 today - an iOS 8.3 - iOS 8.1.3 jailbreak tool. Here are the devices supported by this jailbreak solution followed by fixes of some errors that users are confronting while trying to jailbreak their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch:

TaiG 2.0 supported devices:

  • iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S
  • iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2
  • iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2, iPad mini
  • iPod touch 5G

Quick fix for "Apple driver has not been found" error:

TaiG has finally released iOS 8.3 jailbreak tool for Windows to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch on iOS 8.3 - iOS 8.1.3. If you have been trying to jailbreak your device with the TaiG iOS 8.3 jailbreak, and getting an error, here is a quick fix.

Many users have been reporting receiving an "Apple driver has not been found please download and install iTunes” errors while jailbreaking their iOS device. According to sources, this issues seems to affecting Windows PCs with older and low-end video cards. However, worry not as here is a quick way to fix Apple drive has not been found error.

- Fix "Apple Driver has not been found" error on TaiG:

  • Download iTunes 12.1.2 from here.
  • Double click on the exe file.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to install iTunes. Don't worry, your iTunes library will not be affected.

After installing this 64-bit iTunes 12.1.12 for Windows, you can then follow our guide to jailbreak iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch on iOS 8.3 - iOS 8.1.3 using TaiG for Windows tool.

- Fix "stuck at 20%" or 1101 error:

By uninstalling latest version of iTunes and reinstalling an older version of iTunes, you can solve a number of other TaiG 2.0 errors. Many have reported being stuck at 20 or 30% during the jailbreak process. You can solve that issue by installing older iTunes too.

[Update]: Some users have found iTunes 12.0.1 working for them instead of 12.1.0. Here are the links:

- Fix Error 1102:

If you get Error 1102 then you should try to limit your device's connectivity through turning on Airplane mode and turn off Passcode and Touch ID:

  • Settings > Touch ID & Passcode.

- TaiG Error 1103:

For Error 1103, your download file might be corrupt. Fix this by downloading TaiG again from here.

Fix Error 1104:

If you've managed to get your jailbreaking process stuck at 30 - 40% then you're encountering Error 1104. Unfortunately you might have to switch to a different Windows PC for this to resolve. You can also try switching to a different USB port.

- TaiG 1105 (stuck at 50%):

If it's stuck at 50%, for Error 1105, then check if Find My iPhone is turned off:

  • Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone

Also check if any antivirus or firewall program is enabled. Disable any such programs and jailbreak again. Once you have jailbroken your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you can enable these again.

- Error 1106 (stuck at 60%):

If your device is stuck at 60%, then you're going to have to carry out a couple of steps.

  • Start by rebooting your device and PC both.
  • Next, run TaiG in administrator mode: right click on TaiG's .exe file and click on Run as administrator.
  • Jailbreak again and it should work now.

- Error installing iTunes 12.0.1 in VM:

Some users have reported getting errors when they trying to install iTunes through virtual machine (necessary step if you don't have a Windows system).

Try reinstalling Parallels to fix this issue and install iTunes 12.0.1 again.


- “Storage Almost Full” Error:

If you find your device reporting that storage is almost full after jailbreak, then simply run Cydia and wait for it to complete installation. This will fix issue.

Other tips:

Here is a quick list to help you try fixing different TaiG v2 issues with simple checks.

  • Turn off Wi-Fi and turn it back off.
  • Try rebooting your iOS device.
  • Reboot your Windows.
  • Jailbreak while in Airplane mode.

If the problems still persist, then the only option left is restoring your device on iOS 8.3 and trying again.  Let us know how it goes in the comments section. Don't forget to share your own fixes to these or other TaiG errors with us.


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