Five Things to Set Up on Your New Galaxy Note 10

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The Galaxy Note 10 hit the shelves on Friday last week and is now available across all major retailers. Based on my initial testing, the phone is an absolute beast, and I can't wait to do a deep dive into it. It is easy for first-time Samsung users to get overwhelmed by the plethora of options the device offers, so here are some essential must-haves for the Galaxy Note 10.

S Pen

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What's a Galaxy Note device without its trusty companion; the S Pen. The Galaxy Note 10's S Pen is more than just a stylus and is capable of performing several basic tasks such as click a photo, switch camera modes and the likes, thanks to its in-build accelerometer and gyroscope.


You can even use the S Pen to unlock your phone. Long pressing the S Pen button can also be customized to launch an app of your choice. There's a lot more one can do with it, and I'll get to it in more detail in another post.


The first part applies only to Galaxy Note 10 Plus users, as the smaller Galaxy Note 10  has a 1080p screen. The Galaxy Note 10 Plus is set to 1080p out of the box. Head over to Settings> Display> Screen resolution and change it to WQHD+ (3040x1440). While you're here, also switch on Dark Mode. The Galaxy Note 10's panel is incredibly bright and Dark Mode will take a huge load off of your eyes.

Navigation Gestures


If you're a new Samsung user migrating from OEMs, you may have some trouble with navigation. Some OEMs opt for navigation gestures while others reverse the order of buttons. Head over to the Quick Access panel and look for the Navigation tab. Long press it until you see the screen on the right and pick your preferred mode of navigation.

Dolby Atmos

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The Galaxy Note 10's is Dolby Atmos-certified, but you'll have to switch the feature on manually. To get started, head over to the Quick Access panel, swipe right and look for the Dolby Atmos. Long pressing the button will let you fine-tune your experience further.

Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay is one of the two payment portals in the world that lets you use you phone as a credit/debit card. It works on almost all PoS terminals (even the non-NFC-enabled ones) and supports a wide variety of e-Wallets and payment portals. The best part is, you can authenticate all purchases using the same method used to unlock the phone, which effectively eliminates the need for entering your card PIN. You don’t even need an internet connection to pay at stores. But you can only make a maximum of ten transactions without an internet connection.

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