Find Nearby Pokemon GO Gyms on a Map Using PokeScout


If you want to know where a Gym is nearby your location, you can make use of the PokeScout service for Pokemon GO.

Find the Closest Gym, And Which Team Controls it Using PokeScout

Pokemon GO is in a constant state of expansion to different territories as well as including new features. Recently, Niantic Labs expanded the Nearby Pokemon feature to different regions while also introducing an Apple Watch app for Pokemon GO. But it's clear, the company will never ever update the game in such a way where users will be able to locate nearby PokeStop and Gym locations with ease. That's where services such as PokeScout come in, saving the day to the nth degree. At least when it comes to finding a nearby Gym.

The service, which you can access online for free, allows you see on a map where the closest Gym is at your location. But that's not all, you will also be able to check out which team currently controls a particular Gym. Keep one thing in mind though: this data is crowd-sourced. This means you have the option to contribute to the map and tell the developers behind the service if something has changed pertaining to a specific Gym.

PokeScout even maintains a list of cities which are dominated the most by a particular team. So, if you are planning to go out on your Pokemon hunt, it's best to take a quick peek at the service. It will save you from a bunch of time and trouble. There's nothing worse than discovering a Gym controlled by your team after driving for a good few minutes. A little research can go a long way.

In order to access the service, simply head over to this link:

Make sure you click on the PokeScout Map button in order to see the nearby Gym locations. You will be required to grant access to your location otherwise the service will be a tad bit useless.

Wrap Up

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