Finally, A City in Texas Is Switching To Renewable Energy Soon

As Costa Rica was finally able to power seventy five days consecutively without using any source other than renewable energy the US couldn't stay back. Announced in the beginning of this month, Georgetown which is a tiny metropolis in Texas comprises of a small number of population numbering 50,000 in totality. The town also decided to entirely ditch the fossil fuels usage by the year 2017.

This may be a start to a better and 'greener' world

The energy powering execution will be done through local wind and solar farm facilities, at least this is what they plan and intend to do in the current scenario. This is just to take advantage of the constant high end temperature in the city, that too during most of the time in a day and also to get the benefit out of the super windy nights. According to the research and development done on this project, it is estimated that these two sources will be high enough to be used in order to power the town 100% of time with the renewable energy.  This also eventually will end up saving the all time precious water, much needed in this desert state, which may end up someday.

Daniel Gross at Slate tells more about the plan:

"At the beginning of last year, Georgetown made a deal with EDF Renewable Energy to acquire about 75 percent of the output of the 194-megawatt Spinning Spur 3 wind farm, now under construction in West Texas, for 20 years. That accounts for about half of the utility’s needs.

Last week, it announced it would purchase the output of two large solar plants, with a combined capacity of 150 megawatts, that Sun Edison will build in West Texas, for 25 years. That’ll cover the rest, ensuring the 104-year-old utility at least 20 years of emissions-free electricity."

Its not as much of altruism which can be detected as a mind source behind the master plan to switch to renewable sources soon enough than others according to Gross wryly. Since coal is getting expensive day by day and the arid states are running short of water supplies which they solely require in order to power their states at the end of the day. Gross wryly is reported to have said is constantly being suffered through dry spells since the past few years and fifty six percent of Texas City is now almost fully dry.

So, even if it is for no more than money purposes, this seems to be a perfect move for today and for the future generations to come.

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