The Final Fantasy XVI Dev Team Is Doing Its Best to Deliver a Complete Product, Producer Says

Final Fantasy XVI

The Final Fantasy XVI development team is doing its best to deliver a completed product of the highest quality, according to the game's producer.

Speaking with Famitsu, as translated by @aitaikimochi, Naoki Yoshida briefly talked about Final Fantasy XVI and the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker expansion, saying that both will be completed with the utmost care. As highlighted by the translator, Naoki Yoshida is referring to bugs that are often found at launch, so he is basically assuring that both the next main entry in the series and the next expansion in the popular MMORPG will be as bug-free as possible. Definitely not a given nowadays, considering how buggy many AAA games are at launch nowadays.

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It has been a while since we have seen Final Fantasy XVI in action, but it seems like development is proceeding smoothly. Naoki Yoshida himself confirmed back in July that scenario development was almost complete and voice recording reached the final stages. He also highlighted how the game will be shown only when he will be satisfied with the game's quality.

I’m not holding back more information just for the sake of it, but rather I want the next information to be something that will ‘convince everyone to buy the game.’ The visual quality is a given but battles, and other unannounced major features will be included, and I want to present it like “Bam!” So nothing new until I’m satisfied.

Final Fantasy XVI is now in development for PlayStation 5. A final release date has yet to be confirmed.

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