Final Fantasy XV Xbox Scorpio Support Being Considered But No Plans For A Nintendo Switch Version


Final Fantasy XV Xbox Scorpio support is being considered by the game’s development team, but there are currently no plans for a Nintendo Switch version.

That’s what the game’s director, Hajime Tabata, recently told website Dualshockers. According to Tabata, the team is still considering how they could support Microsoft’s Scorpio project, and what kind of improvements could be made on the Scorpio. Tabata stressed that an Xbox Scorpio version of the game, would be as great as possible, although he doesn’t know how the Scorpio will compare to Sony’s PS4 Pro.

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While the studio seems positive about a Scorpio version of Final Fantasy XV, not so much can be said about a version for Nintendo’s upcoming new platform, the Nintendo Switch. According to Tabata, there are currently no plans for a Switch version of the game. He added that he isn’t sure whether FFXV would run on Nintendo’s new platform since no necessary tests were performed.

The Xbox Scorpio is slated for a release later this year, while Nintendo will launch the Nintendo Switch next month on March 3.

Final Fantasy XV is available now for both PS4 (with PS4 Pro support) and Xbox One. The RPG launched back in November of last year, and quickly became the fastest-selling Final Fantasy to date - one million copies were shipped and sold digitally on day one. Last month, publisher Square Enix announced that digital sales and shipments exceeded six million units.