Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition Luminous Engine Tool Allows Further Tweaking Of Graphics Settings

Final Fantasy XVI

Modding tools for Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition have yet to be released, but this doesn't mean that modders aren't working on enhancing the game.

A few hours ago, modder skacikpl released the Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition Luminous Engine Graphics Configuration Tool. The tool, which was available in the demo version, allows players to tweak graphics settings beyond the in-game options.

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Display resolution (lists only 16:9 resolutions) - Game window/final screen size.
Rendering resolution (lists only 16:9 resolutions) - Actual amount of pixels rendered by the game which are later fit to display resolution.
Maximum framerate - Self explanatory.
FPS visibility - Shows an overlay with current FPS and resource usage in top left corner of the screen.
Configuration visibility - Shows an overlay with current settings overview below FPS overlay.
Wait VSYNC - Enable/disable vertical sync.
Hardware fullscreen mode - Enable/disable exclusive fullscreen (off = borderless windowed).
Fullscreen mode on startup - If enabled, go to either borderless or exclusive full screen.
High precision 3d render target - Use 16 bit per channel color format (default is 10bpc and 2 bit alpha)
FP16 backbuffer - Half precision floating point operations for back buffer, potentially greater performance at no visible loss in image quality(game will crash if your GPU doesn't support it).
Display mode when not aspect 16:9 - Enable/disable letterboxing for non 16:9 resolutions (ZoomEven breaks menu and popup displays).
HDR Gama scaling - Default brightness in HDR mode.
HDR Luminance (nits) - Maximum luminance in HDR mode.
Use high spec asset data - Higher grass density + usage of high res DLC if installed.
Texture streaming memory - Amount of memory preallocated to textures (values aren't really suited for actual game).
Texture anisotropic filter - Anisotropic filter setting, allows up to 16x while game maxes out at 8x.
Shadow resolution - Percentage factor of default shadow resolution, values above 600% tend to be less stable.
Shadow distance scaling - Adjusts shadow coverage distance scaling, higher value = greater shadow distance but less precision (and vice versa).
Model LOD Scaling - Mesh LOD distance bias percentage, higher = models retain higher quality at greater distances.
Screen filter detail level - Determines quality of post processing filters.
Antialias - Set postprocessing antialiasing to off/FXAA/Temporal.
Hairworks - Enable/Disable hairworks.
VXAO - Enable/Disable VXAO.
Turf - Enable/Disable Turf effects.
Shadow Libs - Enable/Disable NVIDIA HFTS.
Flow - Enable/Disable NVIDIA Flow.

More information on the tool can be found on Nexus Mods.

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition can now be purchased on Steam, Origin and Windows Store.

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