Final Fantasy XV 1.22/1.23 Updates Introduce New Story Scene, Quests, Comrades Content And More

Mar 5, 2018

New content has been added to Final Fantasy XV on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One ahead of the release of the Royal Edition.

The new update, which combines version 1.22 and 1.23, adds new content to the Comrades update as well as a story scene in Chapter 5, new quests in Chapter 10 and more. Catch the full patch notes below.

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Patch Notes

Size: 3.839 GB (PS4); 4.74 (XB1)

Version 1.23

  • Addition of new Comrades quests (exclusive to COMRADES)
  • Implementation of new Royal Sigils (exclusive to COMRADES)
  • Introduction of chocobo breeding features (exclusive to COMRADES)
  • Addition of new trophies (exclusive to COMRADES)
  • Addition of a scene to Chapter 5
  • Various bug fixes

Version 1.22

  • Addition of compatibility with FINAL FANTASY XV ROYAL PACK
  • Inclusion of character dossiers (accessible from the Archives)
  • Announcement of winning snapshots from fourth photo contest (viewable at Mother of Pearl at Galdin Quay)
  • Implementation of new quests in Chapter 10
  • Various bug fixes

According to reports, the new scene in Chapter 5 takes places in the Magitek Engine after Ardyn rescues the party from the Disc, providing a better transition. You can check out the full scene below.

Final Fantasy XV is now out on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Royal Edition and the Windows Edition officially launch tomorrow.