Final Fantasy VII Fully Voiced Mod To Release Next Week

Francesco De Meo
Final Fantasy VII

Despite Final Fantasy VII Remake being a thing, dedicated modders are continuing to work on modernizing and improving the game's classic release. One thing that was definitely hard to add to the JRPG originally released on the first PlayStation console was full voice acting, but it seems like this milestone will be reached next week.

The Echo-S 7 is a fully voiced FFVII mod that will be released on Tsunamods on January 13th. It will add voices not only to story sequences but also to battles. To be honest, the game's script was obviously meant not to be voiced, and some of the voiced lines in the trailer below sound a little off. but it is undeniable that the development team and the voice cast have done a terrific job modernizing this classic JRPG further.

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As already mentioned, the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake isn't stopping modders from working on the classic release. Last year, a mod introduced 60 FPS support which makes the experience much smoother than the vanilla release. True 16:9 aspect ratio was also added last year.

The original Final Fantasy VII is now available on PC as well as on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The next part of the Remake project, Rebirth, will release during Winter 2023 on PlayStation 5 worldwide.

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