Former Final Fantasy VII Remake Project Lead is Now Co-Directing the Game Alongside Tetsuya Nomura


Former project lead on Final Fantasy VII Remake, Naoki Hamaguchi, is now co-directing the highly anticipated remake alongside Naoki Hamaguchi.

According to Square Enix’s Final Fantasy VII Remake recruitment page, Nomura and Hamaguchi now share the same role on the title. Hamaguchi previously acted as project lead on the Remake.

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Back in March of last year, Hamaguchi abandoned his position as project lead on Mobius Final Fantasy Project Leader to focus on Final Fantasy VII Remake.

A release date for Final Fantasy VII Remake has yet to be announced.  Following last year’s E3, co-director Nomura stated that the game was in active development, and that he would be able to fully focus on the Remake once Kingdom Hearts III was completed.

Final Fantasy VII Remake was officially announced during Sony’s E3 2015 press conference. A new trailer was later released at that year’s PlayStation Experience. We’ve included that trailer below:

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