Final Fantasy VII Remake DX12 Stuttering Mostly Fixed by GeForce Driver


The Final Fantasy VII Remake stuttering issue that PC players encountered when playing with DirectX 12 (the game's default API, though it can be easily switched to DirectX 11) has been mostly resolved with GeForce driver 511.65. There was no such mention in the driver changelog, but Reddit user sevansup reported the news after getting an email response from NVIDIA customer support.

New Final Fantasy VII Information to Be Shared Next Month to Celebrate Game’s 25th Anniversary, Tetsuya Nomura Confirms

Early impressions seem to confirm that the bug has been fixed, to the point where several users are now comfortable with switching back from DX11 to DX12. Of course, Square Enix should still patch Final Fantasy VII Remake, whose PC port was incredibly lackluster when it comes to settings and options.

Meanwhile, modders are already working on improving the game's visuals. Nexus Mods user Alezein uploaded 68 high-resolution (4K) textures for the 7th Heaven location.

This mod takes all the textures inside/outside 7th Heaven, and replaces them with AI upscaled versions of both C textures (color maps) and N textures (normal maps).

As everyone knows, the game has a wide range of texture quality. Some places are in full 4096x4096 (4k textures). Others are a mix. As for 7th Heaven, the whole place is almost made up of 2k textures, which seems a bit low taking into account that it's meant to be an important place in the story.

Method used:

  • C textures: a chain model of Uniscale Restore and BSRGAN at 75/25 (some are 70/30, depending on the texture)
  • N textures: a chain model of Uniscale Restore and Remacri smooth at 75/25 (some are 70/30, depending on the texture)

Final Fantasy VII Remake fans can now look forward to learning more about the so-called expansion due to be unveiled later this year. It is currently unclear whether this is an actual expansion or news on Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2, though.

In other GeForce driver news, NVIDIA quietly released a hotfix, version 511.72. Here's a list of the fixes included:

  • G-SYNC cannot be re-enabled on G-SYNC Compatible displays after manually disabling from the NVIDIA Control Panel  [3523157]
  • Call of Duty Vanguard random corruption [3519774]
  • Assassin's Creed Valhalla may fail to launch correctly [3525655]

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