Final Fantasy VII Remake Producer Teases “Expansion” of the Game’s World for 2022

Francesco De Meo
Final Fantasy VII Remake

The Final Fantasy VII Remake world will continue to expand in 2022, according to producer Yoshinori Kitase.

Speaking with 4Gamer as part of the usual end-of-year interviews, Kitase mentioned that the world of Final Fantasy VII, which was restarted with the remake, will continue to expand in 2022. What this expansion entails is not clear, but it's likely we will either hear more about the second part of the remake or learn if the recent Red XIII tease is related to another DLC expansion in the vein of INTERmission.

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The first part of the Final Fantasy VII Remake released in 2020 on PlayStation 4 before getting ported to PlayStation 5 and PC this year, complete with the INTERmission story expansion starring Yuffie. The PlayStation 5 and PC versions of the game are the best ways to enjoy the remake, although the PC port is quite underwhelming, featuring some technical issues and a very limited amount of options, as highlighted by Alessio.

It is unfortunately clear that no major effort was made here to make it the ultimate version of the game, as it should always be the case with a PC release. Sure, you can play it at a higher frame rate if you have the hardware for it. PS5 users can only choose between a 4K@30 mode and a Performance Mode that drops the rendering resolution to 2688x1512 (according to Digital Foundry's test) to reach 60 frames per second. As per our test, PC users with a top-of-the-line rig can easily expect to play at a locked 4K@120 target.

That said, such a high profile release warranted something more. Looking back, Square Enix itself demonstrated what that meant a few years ago with Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition. Game Director Hajime Tabata eloquently said it was well ahead of the console versions, explaining how the partnership with NVIDIA had allowed the studio to realize its vision on PC.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is available on PC, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4 worldwide.

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