Final Fantasy VII Remake Already Widely Available in Australia, Spoilers Running Rampant


The COVID-19 pandemic is wreaking havoc on video game release dates, with the launch of Final Fantasy VII Remake being particularly affected. Square Enix already warned fans that physical copies of FF7 Remake may be available early in Europe and Australia, and they weren’t kidding!

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Major Australian retailers like EB Games and JB Hi-Fi have already begun freely selling copies of Final Fantasy VII Remake. While Square Enix encouraged those who got the game early to “please think of others” and avoid spoilers, Twitch is already packed with livestreams of the game. Yes, this is a 23-year-old story, so spoilers shouldn’t be that big a concern, but still, be cautious if you want to go in fresh!

Reports of early copies of Final Fantasy VII Remake in Europe are less widespread, as it doesn’t seem like any major retailer is openly selling the game yet. That said, online retailer ShopTo is said to be shipping copies of FF7, which should end up in players’ hands within the next couple days.

Meanwhile, what about us chumps living in North America? Square Enix won’t be shipping physical copies to retailers until sometime this week, and they’re “optimistic” they’ll be available for the official launch date, but you know how optimistic predictions go during a pandemic. NA fans are just going to have to cross their fingers, and perhaps buy digitally.

Final Fantasy VII Remake officially launches on PS4 on April 10, give or take 10 days! Any Aussies or Europeans out there already have the game or planning to pick it up soon? As always, do make sure to take proper precautions before heading to the store – getting Final Fantasy early isn’t worth your health.