Final Fantasy VII Compilation Titles May Be Remade In Some Form


Due to its huge popularity, Final Fantasy VII received several spin-off titles which expanded on the world and characters. Among them, the best is Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII, which depicts events happening shortly before the beginning of the main game. Tetsuya Nomura has been recently asked about the game, and it seems like there may be some plans regarding the Compilation of Final Fantasy games.

Speaking at a recent event celebrating the release of The World Ends With You Final Remix, a fan told Nomura that he would like to play Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII, currently only available on PSP. Nomura stated that, for the time being, he is focusing on Kingdom Hearts III. Once work on the game is done, he'll get back to the development of the Final Fantasy VII Remake. He also mentioned that he recently spoke with producer Yoshinori Kitase about ideas to accompany the release of the remake, specifically naming the Compilation games as well.

[UPDATE – FFVII Remake Part 2 News Coming This Year] More Final Fantasy VII Projects Are Coming in the Future, Tetsuya Nomura Confirms

Nomura's statement isn't particularly clear, but it seems like we will be able to experience events from the Final Fantasy VII spin-offs in an updated form in the future. It wouldn't be surprising for some of them to get implemented in the remake.

Final Fantasy VII Remake has been in development for some time, and a release date has yet to be confirmed. We will keep you updated on the game as soon as more come in on it, so stay tuned for all the latest news.