Final Fantasy XV Game Director Very Interested In Nintendo Switch; Might Be Delighted To Develop For It

Nintendo Switch Pro

Hajime Tabata, game director on Final Fantasy XV, appears to be very interested in the recently unveiled Nintendo Switch.

Tabata was shown a picture of the Nintendo Switch by French gaming site, while attending Paris Games Week, and his smile revealed his enthusiasm for Nintendo’s new platform.

“It is a machine that interests me enormously! As a player, but also as a developer”. Tabata told (roughly translated).

“Nintendo Switch that can turn into joystick, which can be put in a [base], which can move, on which one can replace elements”

Square Enix has been of the first publishers to pledge their support for Nintendo’s new platform, and the publisher recently confirmed that Dragon Quest X is in development for the NX, now named Switch. Recent rumors suggested that Final Fantasy XV would also release on Nintendo’s net hybrid console, but Tabata debunked that claim by stating that a Switch (NX) port wasn’t being considered.

Tabata doesn’t rule out developing games for the Switch, however, as he told Gameblog that he would be “delighted” to create games for it if the Switch gives him that opportunity.

“It's been a while since I think I'd like to do good games on a Nintendo machine, so if Nintendo Switch can be the opportunity, I will be delighted!”, the FFXV game director told Gameblog (again, sorry for the rough translation).

Whether Tabata will indeed develop for the Nintendo Switch remains to be seen, but the enthusiasm appears to be legit. The Nintendo Switch was officially unveiled by Nintendo last week. Major details are absent at the moment, but those will be revealed during a special Nintendo Switch Presentation in January 2017. During the presentation, Nintendo will reveal the Switch's pricing, game line-up, and release date. The Nintendo Switch is currently slated for a release somewhere in March 2017.

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