FFXV Comrades Multiplayer Beta Available Now; 12.8GB/13.86GB Download Size


If you've been waiting for the FFXV Comrades multiplayer expansion, there's good news - the beta is available now for download on the PlayStation Store and on Xbox Live. It will take 12.8GB of your hard drive on PlayStation 4 and 13.86GB on Xbox One.

This FFXV Comrades beta test begins today and is due to end on August 8th at 5 PM, though the specific time zone is not listed on the PlayStation Store page.

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This closed online test is an exclusive preview that allows you to experience select elements from the upcoming multiplayer expansion including creating your own custom avatars
Many exciting new features await you in the release version: an expanded field of play and more playable characters—including Noctis and his friends!
The closed online test starts on 8/2 and ends on 8/8. The start and end time are respective to your local time zone.

As per our previous report, these are the requirements to enter the FFXV Comrades beta test:


Requires purchase of Season Pass and a subscription to PlayStation®Plus or an Xbox Live Gold membership.


Available August 3 to August 8, 2017 (projected)

Playable Characters

Create, control, and save up to eight avatars.


Customize avatars with elements limited to the test version.


Choose from katana, club, dagger, and shuriken weapons. Attack patterns vary from those of Noctis.

Royal Sigils 

Invoke the powers of sovereigns for your avatar with this new feature. Equip one of four default royal sigils in the test version.


Begin at test version base camp and play through a custom tutorial.


Choose from one of three quests, with up to three legs to each quest. All players will be matched online in the test version.


Retrieve one ingredient per person per quest, and have the camp cook prepare a meal afterward.


Receive meteor shards as quest rewards. Meteorshards cannot be used in the test version.

Added Features

Interact with other players using preset chat messages. Also supports voice chat.