FFVII Remake Producer Talks Parasite Eve; Says It Would Be a Waste to Not Use the Franchise’s Rich and Deep Characters


Producer on the upcoming FFVII Remake, Yoshinori Kitase, believes that not using the characters from survival-horror RPG Parasite Eve in the future would be a waste.

Many consider 1998’s Parasite Eve one of the underrated gems of the original PlayStation. In general, the game was praised for its gameplay and visuals but was criticized for being somewhat linear and having little replay value. The title spawned two sequels, including Parasite Eve II and the 3rd Birthday. The first installment was released for the PS3 via PSN back in 2011.

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Square Enix has published a new video in which Kitase is being interviewed by Japanese professional wrestler Kenny Omega. In the interview, Omega, who is a big fan of Square Enix’s IPs, asks Kitase whether he would like to see more of the Parasite Eve IP in the future.

“So I know you worked on the 3rd Birthday”, Omega said. “And, I guess my question is, would you like to see more of Parasite Eve in the future.”

“Yes, it’s true that for the 3rd Birthday, I worked on the PSP version”, Kitase answered. “The characters are very rich and deep, especially Aya Brea. I don’t know of any plans right now, but it would be a waste not to use those characters.”

Omega added, “Horror games are very popular right now, and Parasite Eve had some RPG elements to it. It was very original and unique…so I think now is a good time.”

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Would you like to see a new Parasite Eve installment? If so, would you opt for a sequel, a remake, or possibly, a reboot? Hit the comments below.

We’ve included a part of the original press release for Parasite Eve II from the year 2000 below.

In Squaresoft’s latest epic - spread over two CDs - you are cast as Aya Brea, ex-NYPD cop turned mutant-exterminator for the M.I.S.T branch of the FBI. In 1997, the Mitochondria Eve virus “awakened” the mitochondria present in human cells, causing the mass immolation of hundreds of concert-goers at Carnegie Hall in New York which, in turn, led to the whole of Manhattan being evacuated and quarantined for a week, until Aya Brea brought the horrific incident to an end. It’s now September 2000, and Agent Brea has spent the intervening years at M.I.S.T (Mitochondrion Investigation and Suppression Team) investigating incidents involving mutant Neo Mitochondrion Creatures (NMCs).  Suddenly, all manner of NMC-related hell has started breaking out in Los Angeles and its environs and it’s up to you, as Agent Aya Brea – with the help of M.I.S.T colleagues with special skills – to put the mitochondrial genie back into the bottle.

With a top-notch armoury (including the legendary Heckler & Koch MP5A5), various items of medicine plus gadgetry and your wits at your disposal, you’ll find Parasite Eve II’s gameplay constantly thrilling, challenging and beautifully balanced. Seamlessly integrated cut-scenes advance the plot and, every time you successfully emerge from a shoot-out against the game’s fearsome mutant creatures, your character’s skills and abilities will be enhanced, adding an RPG element to the game.