Square Enix Trademark Suggests a Parasite Eve Revival

Ule Lopez
Square Enix Parasite Eve

Parasite Eve, a name that makes its way to the news cycle a lot as of late due to its dire need of some sort of revival. Many consider 1998’s Parasite Eve one of the underrated gems of the original PlayStation. In general, the game was praised for its gameplay and visuals but was criticized for being somewhat linear and having little replay value. Unfortunately, we haven't seen much of it from Square Enix since 2011.

However, that tide might change as a new trademark suggests a project related to Parasite Eve might be coming soon. This trademark was filed on October 13 in Japan (Thanks, Gematsu), and it pertains to a term related to the series as a whole. The trademark is filed for the name "SYMBIOGENESIS," which involves computer game software and merchandise distribution protections.

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Now, what's the meaning of Symbiogenesis? Also known as “endosymbiotic theory,” this is the evolutionary theory whereby two separate organisms combine to form a single new organism. That also happens to be the basis for the story of the 1995 Japanese novel “Parasite Eve” by Hideaki Sena. The game came afterward and was released by Square Enix in 1998.

Unfortunately, besides the trademark filing, there is no further information regarding Symbiogenesis and its possible relation to Parasite Eve. For now, we can only hope that Square Enix is looking to revive the IP or at least bring a compilation of the first three entries in the series that the gaming community loved.

Not too long ago, the Final Fantasy VII Remake producer spoke to Kenny Omega about the possibility of bringing Parasite Eve back now that horror is becoming more popular as of late. He stated that not using the characters from survival-horror RPG in the future would be a waste for Square Enix. Do you agree with this? What do you think the trademark means? Let us know.

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