Faraday Future’s First Car Secures 64,000 Reservations within 36 Hours of Its Release

Ghuncha Shaheed
The Faraday Future FF1 has already gained 64,000 reservations in a matter of 36 hours.

The new FF 91 has already spiked up reservations of 64,124 customers within a matter of just 36 hours after their debut at the CES 2017 in Las Vegas. That is pretty good news for the new automobile start-up since the company was having a hard time last year in terms of raising funds for their new car. Rumors had it then that it would collapse down by February 2017. But Faraday Future just proved the critics wrong.

Although, this may not sound much as compared to the 232,000 pre-orders for Tesla’s Model 3, the company should be given some slack since they have not yet released a product to date. In fact, the model FF 91 at the CES was the company's first ever product.

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Not clear how many paid for the Faraday Future priority reservation

Faraday Future has not yet specified how many actually applied for the $5,000 priority reservation and how many applied for the free standard reservation. "Standard reservations confirm the intent to reserve a non-priority spot in line when the FF 91 becomes available for purchase. Priority reservations require an initial fully refundable deposit of $5,000 to secure a priority spot in the reservation line, as well as provides eligibility for upgrading the reservation to the exclusive FF 91 Alliance Edition this spring," Faraday Future stated.

Since the company actually requires funds to get their start-up up and running, we cannot exactly be sure whether it received enough funds through the $5,000 priority option. "While we are thrilled to receive such overwhelming interest in FF 91, we are unable to provide specific details with regards to reservation type," the company added.

If all of those 64,124 customers paid up the $5,000 priority reservation, the company would have earned $320 million. But to believe that would be naivety, especially when there is a free reservation option on the side. The company also hasn't stated how much each car would cost yet. But it can be assumed in line with what the Bentleys cost, so one ought to expect around $180,000.

The new start-up certainly has piqued the interest of many at the CES. If all goes well, Faraday Future is set to start production in 2018.

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