Fallout London Mod Gets Q2 2022 Progress Update, Loses Dev to Bethesda

Fallout London

Out of the many modding projects based on Bethesda games, Fallout London appears to be the most vital recently. We got a gameplay trailer in May and then another trailer focused on the environments released this Monday.

A few hours ago, the Fallout London team has also put out a new Q2 progress update video. Highlights include a brand new song, some snapshots of real-life museums that will be in the mod (the Science Museum, the Bethlem Museum of the Mind, the Tower of London Museum, and the National Gallery of London), and the fictional area of Eastminster (designed as an extended area of Westminster).

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The Fallout London mod also had a couple of staff announcements to make as one of the lead developers will be joining Bethesda.

Our Lead Technical Adviser Ryan Johnson @Ropiequet will be departing the project to go and work at Bethesda as an Associate Level Designer.
How does this impact the project? For those unsure what a Lead Technical Adviser is, well, it is an expert whose job is to give advice to another person or to a group of people, in our case the level designers.
Luckily for us, we have known about this move for a while and thus Ropiequet has helped collate his knowledge into invaluable design documentation so the rest of the team can work on in his stead seamlessly. More so, Ropiequet finished all of his expected level design tasks as well as a few extra ones we didn't expect him to do! The man's professionalism and dedication will honestly and truly be missed and felt throughout the team, however, it brings us hand on heart joy to know that he will be taking his amazing talents to a company we all love. We are excited to see the worlds he can build for Bethesda because from what we've seen here at Fallout London, we'll all be in for a treat!

On the other hand, Project Lead Dean Carter also received an offer to join Bethesda, but he ultimately declined to complete work on this Fallout 4 mod.

Fallout London is currently targeting a 2023 release window. It will only be available on PC.

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