Fallout 76 Mod Improves Select Textures to 4K with AI Upscaling


A Fallout 76 mod that improves certain types of textures in the latest Bethesda Game Studios title appeared a few days ago on Nexus Mods.

It is the first comprehensive texture overhaul Fallout 76 mod, and it was achieved via AI upscaling techniques. The creator didn't use the popular ESRGAN (Enhanced Super Resolution Generative Adversarial Network) model though, opting for Gigapixel AI instead.

Fallout 76 New High Resolution Texture Pack Overhauls Every Texture in the Game

Check out a comparison example.

The contents of the Fallout 76 mod are detailed below. The creator is planning to enhance more textures over time, too.

Performance Impact:
If you have a lot of VRAM, a fast CPU, and a fast SSD, it's relatively low as long as you don't start maxing out your VRAM. For everyone else, turn back now.


  • Most workstations @ 4x upscale = 4K textures (4x upscale). Some cooking workstations are not done, need to find were they are in the ba2 files, will update later
  • M2 50 Cal Machine Gun @ 4x upscale = 8K textures
  • Thrown Weapons @ 4x upscale = 4K/2K textures
  • Blunt Melee Weapons @ 4x = 4K/2K textures
  • Edged Melee Weapons @ 4x = 4K/2K textures (Missing Buzzblade, will add later)
  • Unarmed Weapons @ 4x = 4K/2K textures (Not happy w/ powerfist though, might need to upscale further and release an update)
  • Misc Weapons (binoculars/drill/camera/Paddleball) @ 4x (I wouldn't recommend getting this, these item's are too obscure/rare)

Uploading Now:

  • Standard Weapons
  • Heavy Weapons
  • Energy Weapons
  • All Clothing

Upscaling In Progress:

  • All non-powerarmor armors ETA 5/9


  • All power armor ETA 5/10
  • Monsters ETA 5/11
  • 2x upscale versions of all previously released packs ETA 5/12
  • 8k version of the tinker workstation as it still looks barely ok @ 4K
  • Add Buzzblade to edged weapons pack, wasn't included as a weapon in FO76's folder structures weirdly enough
  • Write a script to do a diff check when Bethesda releases updates so I know what to change/update if needed

Fallout 76 recently got the major and free Wastelanders expansion. Check back soon for our review.