Fallout 4 PlayStation 4 Mods Now Live, New Update Expected This Month

Fallout 4

PlayStation 4 owners haven't had it easy with mod support for Fallout 4, the latest entry of the series released last year in all regions. Originally, the game was meant to have full support like the Xbox One version, but Bethesda eventually had to scale everything back when Sony didn't approve mods using assets not in the game. While mod support has yet to launch, it seems like it will be available soon.

A few hours ago, Fallout 4 PlayStation 4 mods have started becoming available on Bethesda's website following the Creation Kit latest update, which added support for PS4 mods. Over 50 mods are already available, allowing players to alter characters' appearance, make Deathclaws stronger and much more. Even though mods are available, they still cannot be used, as Fallout 4 PlayStation 4 requires an update enabling support. A new update is expected to release before the end of the month.

Even though Bethesda had to change their plans regarding Fallout 4 on PlayStation 4, the publisher still hasn't given up entirely. Last month, Bethesda's Pete Hines confirmed that they will continue to push to have mods work the same on all platforms.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition is another PlayStation 4 title which supports mods in the same way Fallout 4 will do soon. The first mods have been made available even before the game officially released on all formats, allowing players to customize their experience slightly. Skyrim Special Edition mods on Xbox One, on the other hand, work as they do for Fallout 4, so there's a lot more variety.

Fallout 4 is now available in all regions on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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