New Fallout 4 Dynamic Timescale Mod Makes Settlement Location More Important and Allows Players to Properly Enjoy the Commonwealth Scenery

Aernout van de Velde
fallout 4 dynamic timescale mod

This new Fallout 4 dynamic timescale mod adjusts the game’s timescale based on location and actions.

Created by modder ‘Elzee’, the aim of this new PC mod is to allow survival mode players to properly enjoy the game’s environment and features. In addition, the mod adds a beep chime with intervals to allow players to keep track of time.

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“No longer worry about the passage of time when enjoying scenery or dialogue”, the creator of the mod writes. “No longer do too many things or run all over the commonwealth in a single day with a low timescale.”

“Now you can have plenty of time to talk with your lover, and enjoy the sunset at the top of the watchtower without worrying about something you should finish before night comes.”

The mod includes options to set the dynamic timescale based on combat, movement, locations, and more.

In theory, the mod should work with other existing mods, and according to its creator, the mod doesn’t break Fallout 4’s weather system.

The "Timescale breaks weather" rumor mostly comes from the reason that the weather mod author set inappropriate [volatility] values in [weather] and [Climate] records which are lack of details in the CK wiki.

A low timescale will make a bad weather appeared to last very long becasue the [volatility] is set too low. Vanilla rad storm volatility is 5 and some weather mods set it to 1.2.

The PC mod can be downloaded via Nexusmods right here.

Fallout 4 is available now globally across PC and consoles. This mod is only available for the PC version of the game. In case you're interested in Fallout 4 modding, be sure to check out the DLC-sized The Wilderness mod, and this Silent Hill-inspired mod. Last week, we covered a heavily-modded Fallout 4 version with over 200 active mods on PC.

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