Fake Nintendo NX Controller Actually Being Sold On eBay For $10,000.00

Aernout van de Velde

Remember the allegedly leaked Nintendo NX controller which proved to be fake after all? The fake NX controller is now being sold on eBay.

Months ago, several images appeared from what appeared to be the controller for the upcoming Nintendo NX console. The images were ‘leaked’ by Reddit user perkele37. Later on, the original source of the leak confirmed that the ‘leaked’ images were fake.

Guess what? The fake Nintendo NX controller has now appeared on eBay, and is in fact being sold as an official Nintendo NX replica controller for $10,000.00. Starting bid for the  development NX replica controller is $ 4,000.00. Several images have been included on eBay as well:


According to the seller, Ryanrocks2014, the controller is ultra rare and brand-new. Additionally, the seller mentions that potential buyers are bidding on “an official Replica Nintendo NX development Controller”. The unit is said to be “very rare” with only 5 replica controllers being made.


We can only advise NOT to buy this ‘official’ Nintendo NX replica….

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