Nintendo NX Is Still Being Prepared for Manufacturing


While Nintendo has proclaimed that the Nintendo NX will be released within 8 months from now, manufacturing of the console is still in the process of being prepared.

The Nintendo NX was officially announced last year, but since then Nintendo has been keeping a tight lid on everything regarding the NX, and even major third-party developers are seemingly being left in the dark regarding the NX.

Some months ago it was revealed that Nintendo wants to release the console in March 2017, but the console was absent from this year’s E3. Some expected that Nintendo would reveal their console during this year’s Tokyo Game Show, but as reported yesterday, Nintendo won’t attend that event either.

Last month, Asian IT website Digitimes reported that mass production on the Nintendo has been delayed into early 2017 due to a VR function allegedly being added to Nintendo’s console.

While the report from Digitimes is a rumor at most, Nintendo has now stated that the manufacturing of the NX is still being prepared.

Nintendo NX manufacturing being "prepped"

Last week, the Nintendo’s 76th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders was held. During the meeting, chief Director of Manufacturing and Director, Hirokazu Shinshi, answered a question concerning increased manufacturing cost in China.

 “I’m in charge of manufacturing. Labour costs have shot up in the last 10 years in China and across ASEAN nations,” Shinshi said (and translated by Cheesemeister).  “Manufacturing automation has long been practised in Japan, and is now done in China.

“While making the same product for a long time, the amount manufactured changes based on things like the Christmas season. It’s easy to automate unchanging production amounts, but it’s difficult when they do change. We’re thoroughly communicating with our partners to make adjustments. As for the NX, manufacturing is being prepped. We’re considering how much to automate.”

Judging from Shinshi’s answer, manufacturing on the NX still hasn’t commenced , and it has yet to be seen whether Nintendo will be able to launch their new console by March next year.