Exynos 2100 Made on Samsung’s 5nm Node Could Be Announced Very Soon, According to Tipster


With the Exynos 990 being a bitter disappointment by failing to keep up with the competition, the Exynos 2100 could signal Samsung making significant efforts to make sure its custom silicon line remains relevant. As most of you know, we should expect the Galaxy S21 series in Q1, 2021 and with it, the Exynos 2100 in action, but before that, there needs to be an official announcement in place too right? While we don’t know the actual date, one tipster believes that the curtain might be lifted very soon.

Tipster Earlier Revealed That the Exynos 2100 Announcement Was Supposed to Happen Last Week

One Twitter, Mauri QHD has provided timely updates on Apple’s and Samsung’s rumored activities. The latest one highlights the announcement of the Exynos 2100, which you may also know as the Exynos 1000. It’s not confirmed which name Samsung has chosen to call its latest and greatest chipset, but according to Mauri QHD, the announcement was supposed to happen last week.

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Why didn’t the Exynos 2100 materialize then? He claims that executives are waiting for the ideal time to make the announcement, meaning they are monitoring metrics like sales, articles, and others to see when the unveiling should become official. According to the tipster, the estimated time is a few more days, but we shouldn’t be surprised if Samsung’s executives decide to change the schedule at the 11th hour. Even if the announcement doesn’t happen in the next few days, our guess is that the Korean giant will likely want to steal Qualcomm’s thunder when the latter announces the Snapdragon 875.

The Snapdragon 875 could be announced during the annual Snapdragon Summit which will take somewhere in December, so don’t be surprised if the Exynos 2100 pops out of nowhere. As for what kind of performance we should expect from the upcoming SoC, according to a leaked benchmark, the results are disappointing but it’s probably due to unoptimized firmware. With that being said, let us wait until commercial Galaxy S21 units are available, then we’ll see what the silicon is capable of achieving.

However, if you were expecting the Exynos 2100 to make short work of the Snapdragon 875, you’re in for a surprise, as a different tipster mentioned earlier that while the new chipset will significantly bridge the performance and efficiency gap, it won’t beat the Snapdragon 875. Like always, we’ll continue to keep our ear to the ground and provide you with timely updates if required, but it’s recommended to treat this tweet with a pinch of salt for now.

News Source: Mauri QHD