Extensive List of iOS 11 Features Detailed Through a Leak

iOS 11

iOS 11 is all set for announcement this June, but what will the new firmware bring with it? Well, someone just blew the whistle on the subject, and it's going to be packed with a lot of cool stuff under the hood.

Default FaceTime Audio Calls on iPhone, Group Video Calling, Auto Low Power Mode & More Are Part of iOS 11

Reddit user cyanhat went on to post (now deleted) some important features which developers can expect from the new firmware for iPhone and iPad once the software goes live after the opening WWDC keynote. For starters, the new software will features group FaceTime calling with up to five people. This is something that has been rumored in the past as well.

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FaceTime Audio will become the default calling method whenever you call an iPhone user, but will fallback to a regular cellular call if the person on the other end is not on a data network or is using another platform such as Android. This is a pretty big deal, and goes on to show Apple's eagerness to push data calls further, offering crystal clear voice quality in the process.

It is also being stated that iOS 11 will feature an automatic Low Power Mode. This will be triggered based on the usage habits of the user, so it will get intelligent the more you use it. It will also be location aware, so that's a huge deal for everyone.

Last but not the least, it's being said that Apple is said to give the Wallet app a huge revamp, Starting with the name, it will grace a new one, Pay. Furthermore, Apple Pay will get its own iMessage extension, allowing you to send money straight from the Messages app to other users.

You’ll be able to try these new features on iOS 11 (beta comes out in June):

Group FaceTime video calling with up to 5 people.

Peer-to-Peer Apple Pay. Apple is completely revamping the Wallet app (renaming it to Pay) and adding social functionality. There will be a social feed, just like Venmo. The new Pay app will also have an iMessage extension that allows you to send cash via iMessage.

FaceTime Audio is going to become the default calling method for iPhone users. Meaning if you call any iPhone user, it will automatically use FaceTime Audio so that you can enjoy a crisp, high quality calling experience. If you call a non-iOS phone, it will fallback to the older cellular calling technology (the one that is currently standard and sounds terrible).

Intelligent, automatic low power mode. It will study your low power mode habits (how often and when you turn it on) and adapt to that schedule. It will also be location and context based. For example, if you leave your home wifi network and have 20% or less, it will turn on low power mode automatically.

Though everything mentioned above sounds like a treat for everyone, keep one thing in mind: there's no way to verify these claims at all. So take everything with a pinch of salt for now, until or unless someone jumps in with a proper source.

Previously, it has been rumored that the Music app in iOS 11 will focus a lot on video, with Apple working on a lot of original content as well. The software is also expected to drop support for 32-bit apps completely. This means thousands of apps that haven't been updated in a while will just vanish from the App Store.


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