Be Your Own Bond Villain – Evil Genius is Completely Free


Evil Genius has always been one of my favourite games. It's a great base-building simulation game with an excellent sense of humour, one right out of the cheesiest bond villain handbook. From kidnapping people or performing heists, to creating nefarious yet over-complicated traps for the international agencies trying to get in your lair, this is the perfect time to get your villain on.

Why is it the perfect time? In a bit of an evil plan by Rebellion, this 2004 masterpiece is completely free to keep, if you claim your free Steam copy through this link. This giveaway is for a limited time, though I'm not sure if Rebellion is actually being on-brand by not actually saying how limited of a time this giveaway is. Still, I would simply recommend you jump on it right now and claim yours.

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If you're not familiar with Evil Genius, don't worry - there are more than a few guides on Steam but Rebellion have also crafted a video with a host of tips for the new starters amongst you.

Those not familiar may also be wondering about the sudden giveaway of a sixteen-year-old game. Well, my unsuspecting victims, that is because Evil Genius 2 was announced two years ago. Our very own Francesco was able to preview the game last year, as well as interview the developers at Rebellion. It's a game I'm looking forward to, one I've been looking forward to for roughly sixteen years now and one that, once you've played your free copy of the original, you will be looking forward to now.