[UPDATE: Is Actually Called EVE Echoes: Infinite Galaxy Mobile] EVE Online: Infinite Galaxy Mobile Trailer Surfaces Online

[UPDATE 05/23/2019: The title of the game is EVE Echoes: Infinite Galaxy Mobile and not Eve Online: Infinite Galaxy Mobile.

Earlier last year, Chinese publisher NetEase and Icelandic studio Crowd Control Productions (CCP) revealed the official name of their joint development project called EVE: Infinite Galaxy. The game was supposed to launch worldwide sometime in 2019. Today, a launch trailer of the game has surfaced online, giving us a glimpse into some of the games features.

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Based on what we can see in the trailer, players can explore and develop a massive galaxy, over 100 ships to choose from, join corporations for large-scale battles, take part in manufacturing ships, trade, gather minerals and more. The PC version of Eve Online is massive, with over 7,800 star systems, five major factions and several dozen types of ships. While the game will attempt to retain most of the core features of its base version, it'll very likely be scaled down for the mobile platform.

EVE Online: Infinite Galaxy is powered by the engine known as NeoX; an in-house engine built by NetEase. The mobile game will also utilize Apple’s ARKit 2 on iOS, presumably to incorporate some AR elements. According to official news by NetEase, the foundations of the planetary system, stars, solar system, and space station are now ready.

The teams at NetEase and CCP are now working on optimizing gameplay features, such as ships’ stats, functions, and more. EVE: Infinite Galaxy is still scheduled to be released later this year on both Android and iOS, with the iOS release coming first. Ideally, there should be an English version released alongside the Chinese version, but we don't know for sure just yet.

News Source: mmoculture

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