EVE Online Uprising Update Brings AMD FSR, DX12 Support, and More Improvements with a New Story Expansion

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EVE Online continues to be one of the longest-running MMOs still active, consistently receiving updates and other content, like new ships and campaigns. Earlier this year, the title gained the ability to be played via the cloud, with the EVE Anywhere service running it. This time around, the updates center on an upcoming campaign for the MMO.

Titled EVE: Uprising, this update takes place multiple months after construction by the Amarr Empire. An activated Prototype Stellar Transmuter in the Turnur system has destabilized, and as a consequence, the unstable technology causes the system’s sun to scorch a planet. Players are now tasked with rallying to determine the future of EVE Online’s empires.

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This update also brings a combat-oriented update to Factional Warfare in EVE Oline. As the battle lines are drawn and shift, players can use Frontline and Advantage features to place a greater emphasis and focus on key objectives. There are three states of operation (Frontlines, Command Operations, and Rearguard), and rewards within the mode will vary based on proximity to enemy territory, among other properties that affect the battlefield.

Customization isn’t lacking in this update, either; players are now able to add a variety of alliance and corporation emblems to decorate their ships and fly their colors via the first phase of the Heraldry system. Players can display their alliance or corporation emblems on their ship Hulls via Paragon Corporation agents in designated stations.

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New ships will also come in this EVE Online update, and users will be able to build hulls for new Destroyers and Dreadnaughts, totaling eight new ships (16 if you include the Frigates and Battlecruisers released last month). Finally, two gameplay adjustments were made to gameplay and graphics, and a new language setting.

First off, EVE Online will see a new default overview inspired by the Z-S Overview Pack. Secondly, EVE Evolved’s latest updates will have new audio mixing and graphics, taking advantage of AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution 1.0 and the addition of Object Instancing and Ambient Occlusion. Here's what's going to come to EVE Online with the Uprising update on the technical side:

  • AMD Fidelity FX Super Resolution 1.0: Boosting frame rates by balancing image quality and render speed.
  • Object Instancing: Providing sharper scene details with minimal impact on performance. Object instancing is best observed in the overhauled Upwell Hangars!
  • Ambient Occlusion: Improving shading and rendering techniques to enhance EVE Online’s overall visual impact.
  • DirectX 12 support: ensuring that EVE Online is sharper and can perform at higher framerates with reduced latency.

Lastly, a Spanish-language client was launched today, and players from around the world can play the game in Spanish if they so choose. We’ll continue to update as more information on EVE Online’s updates is released. EVE Online is playable on PC.

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