Epic Games Store Reaches New Active Player Record Thanks to Fall Guys

Epic Games Store Fall Guys

The Epic Games Store has reached a new active player record last Tuesday thanks to the free-to-play release of Fall Guys.

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As you might recall, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout launched almost two years ago on PC via Steam and PlayStation 4. The game was a very different take on the Battle Royale genre and managed to distinguish itself right away. In our review, Dave Aubrey wrote:

Fall Guys is an excellent chaotic multiplayer game that can be played by people of any skill level, and that is its greatest strength. Sadly repetition has well and truly set in after several weeks of play, but if the developers at Mediatonic keep dishing out updates and new content on a regular basis, this could be just as influential and essential as Rocket League.

In March 2021, London-based game developer Mediatonic was acquired by Epic. At the time, fears that Fall Guys would become an Epic Games Store exclusive were assuaged by promises that it would remain on Steam.

However, that has recently changed with the free-to-play release of the game, which happened alongside the launch on platforms such as Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch. The game is no longer available through the Steam storefront, making it an Epic Games Store exclusive on PC. However, those who have already downloaded the game through Steam can keep playing there as the Steam version will be updated to be in sync with the Epic Games Store version.

As mentioned in the tweet above, the free-to-play launch of Fall Guys appears to be a huge success, with twenty million players registered in the first two days since the new debut. Have you been playing Fall Guys through the Epic Games Store since last week's launch? Let us know in the comments.

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