Piranha Bytes: ELEX To Run at Native 1800P on Xbox One X and Checkerboard 1800P on PS4 Pro

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A couple days ago we got from THQ Nordic the news of an ELEX patch that, amongst under fixes and improvements, would add "4K rendering" on PlayStation 4 Pro and "increased resolution" on Xbox One X. At first glance, this sounded like PlayStation 4 Pro would get a higher resolution boost than Xbox One X in ELEX, which would have been very strange given that Microsoft's console is far more powerful than Sony's.

We asked a clarification to the developers and Philipp Krause, Lead Programmer at Piranha Bytes, sent us this statement:

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On both consoles we’re rendering ELEX in 1800p, that’s a resolution of 3200x1800 pixels – the same as in games like Final Fantasy XIV, Infamous: Second Son, Watch Dogs 2 or Mass Effect: Andromeda.
On PS4 Pro we can only reach that resolution by employing the checkerboard technique. The fidelity is increased by using temporal anti-aliasing and FXAA. The PS4 Pro then scales the picture to the 4K resolution of your TV.

On Xbox One X we have the same resolution, but it’s the native resolution – no tricks applied. It’s pure and full 1800p. There’s only FXAA used to smooth the edges a bit. This is only possible with the better hardware the Xbox One X offers.

As it turns out, then, Xbox One X actually has the technical edge as it should. The patch is not yet live on either console, mind you, but it will arrive soon according to publisher THQ Nordic. Hopefully that means before the New Year lands.

ELEX, the latest sci-fantasy roleplaying game by Piranha Bytes, launched in October. It can now be purchased at a discount (€33.49, 33% off its standard €49.99 price) via Fanatical for PC; you can check our original review of the game to see what we thought of it.

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