Elden Ring Is Very Unlikely To Make An Appearance At The Xbox Games Showcase Event


Elden Ring, the action role-playing game in development by From Software, is unlikely to make an appearance at the Xbox Games Showcase event scheduled for tomorrow.

Jeff Grubb, who has been revealing gaming information correctly before official announcements, recently commented on the possibility of the From Software game getting shown during tomorrow's event.

FromSoftware’s Miyazaki Already onto His Next Project, More Elden Ring Updates Coming

Elden Ring has been announced during the Microsoft E3 2019 press conference, so it wouldn't be strange to see the game getting shown again during a Microsoft event. Sadly, it seems like the wait will possibly continue for all of 2020 as, last month, Kinda Funny's Imran Khan suggested that Elden Ring may not be shown at all this year.

Very little is currently known about Elden Ring, other than the fact that the game's world and lore have been written by George R.R. Martin. As such, it is rumored to be more grandiose than anything ever done by From Software.

The scope of the world, lore and narrative is more grandiose than past games in pretty much every way to match the new, greater scope of the game it’s meant to inhabit, in addition to a tone that strays a bit further from convention into territory of being brighter than usual Fromsoft fare (though being a GRRM/From game it’ll have its dark moments)

What you’re left with is a larger world than Dark Souls with places that aren’t just alluded to, but you get to explore yourself, facing a more intense and far further reaching internal as well as existential calamity when fundamental forces of this universe are broken. Leaders and nations, the divine and the fiendish, all in conflict and you finding your place throughout all of this. Resulting in a powerful narrative with more dramatic weight than preceding titles but not any more overbearing.

Elden Ring is currently in development for PC and consoles.