EKWB Releases White Version of The Vardar EVO 120ER D-RGB Fans – A High Performance Fan With A White Aesthetic


EK Water Blocks is releasing the white version of its 120mm addressable D-RGB Vardar fans. The frame is made in a matte white, with milky white fan blades that diffuse the light.

EKWB Releases White Version of The EK Vardar EVO 120ER D-RGB Fans - Great Performance With Up To 2200 RPM And A Clean Aesthetic

Another added benefit is the ability to daisy-chain the RGB of these Vardar fans. As their black counterparts, they also incorporate the Extended Range (ER) of the PWM operation feature and the special Start-Stop function which allows for a true 0dB experience and truly silent environment. With this feature, not only will you be able to enjoy a totally silent PC, but it also proves to be very useful in preventing radiator dust buildup if your PC is idling for prolonged periods. All of this expands the lifespan of the fan.

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These fans have a dual ball bearing, most commonly used in industrial fan applications. The operational range starts at 500rpm and goes all the way to 2200rpm. This extended range allows for a wide range of scenarios, covering the requirement of either silence or high performance in a single fan.

Aside from the low rpm operation, the fan features a Start-Stop function that will provide the user with a true 0dB noise environment. When a fan curve is set with the minimum threshold point below 25-30% PWM duty cycle (depending on the motherboard model), the motor and electronics will turn off and the fan will simply stop spinning. EK-Vardar EVO 120ER D-RGB – White restarts operation automatically as fan control ramps up its operational duty cycle past threshold start-stop point.

The transparent, but frosted 7-blade impeller design is optimized for light dispersion and high-pressure operation while maintaining the low noise profile throughout the whole operation range of the fan. Under the motor hub, there’s a total of 9 addressable LEDs ensuring 360-degree light diffusion at broad daylight as well. The diodes can be separately controlled allowing for unique lighting effects.

One of the key features of the EK-Vardar RGB fan is its simplicity as it uses standard 3-pin 5V D-RGB connectivity. Meaning, it can be used with any standard 3-pin 5V D-RGB controller or any of the popular RGB sync technologies from all major motherboard manufacturers. The arrow marking on the 3-pin LED connector is to be aligned with the +5V marking on the D-RGB/Addressable header.

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Mechanical and electrical specifications:

- Maximum speed: 2200 RPM (+/- 10%)
- Rated Voltage: 12V DC
- Power Draw: 2.16W
- LED Power Draw: ~0.7W (0.14A)
- PWM Duty Cycle: 25-100% - ER (Extended Range)
- Connector: 4-pin PWM header
- Shaft bearing: Dual-Ball bearing
- Bearing durability: 50.000 hrs @ 40°C (MTBF)
- Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 25 mm
- Black cable length: 400 mm + 100 mm RGB daisy-chain branch
- D-RGB connector classic 3-pin (+5V, Data, Empty, Ground)

Performance characteristics:

- Max Air Flow: 77 CFM = 131 m³/h
- Static Pressure: 3.16 mm H2O = 31 Pa
- Noise Level: 33.5 dBA

The EK-Vardar EVO 120ER D-RGB fan is designed and engineered by EK in Slovenia, EU, and is already available for purchase through EK Webshop and Partner Reseller Network for $25.99.