EK Readying Water Blocks For GeForce RTX 30 Series Graphics Cards, Will Be Available Close To Launch

NVIDIA's partners are getting ready for a grand launch in September with the unveiling of the next-gen GeForce RTX 30 Series graphics cards. One of these partners is EK who has confirmed that they will be releasing their water block liquid cooling solutions either on the same day as the launch or close to it.

EK Readies Water Blocks For NVIDIA's GeForce RTX 30 Series Graphics Cards, Promises Availability Close To Launch

The confirmation comes from EK's Facebook page (via Videocardz) where a company rep replied to a user asking about the availability of RTX 30 series water blocks. We know that NVIDIA has a major launch event planned for the 1st of September and we are just a week away from official unveiling.

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NVIDIA's GeForce RTX 30 series graphics cards will come in both reference Founders Edition flavors and custom variants. Most users who are running custom-loop cooling solutions will be buying the reference variants. While EK will be offering custom water blocks for support of specific vendor AIB models, they can't make a water block for all custom variants. The Founders Edition board however is kept as the reference layout by water block manufacturers and as such, the Founders Editon card will receive the first solutions from EK.


EK confirms NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 series water blocks at or close to launch. (Image Credits: Videocardz)

According to our sources, NVIDIA has given the final PCB schematics to vendors a while ago so that they can ready their custom PCB designs and cooling solutions based on that. The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 series flagship graphics cards are looking to be a completely different beast as can be seen in the latest leaks with massive cooling solutions and rumors of very high power consumption that might translate to higher thermals. There are bound to be several AIO designs but water blocks are also great for cooling graphics cards through a custom-loop set up to keep the heat in check.

EK hasn't confirmed the prices or specifications of its upcoming NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 series block designs but they have mentioned a launch either on day 1 or close to the retail availability. Do note that the 1st September event is most definitely an announcement with the retail launch happening within the first few weeks.

The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 'Ampere' Gaming graphics card lineup is expected to be announced on 1st September at a digital event which will be hosted by CEO of NVIDIA, Jensen Huang. We expect at the very least, three new graphics cards during the event which include the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti (or RTX 3090), GeForce RTX 3080, and a next-generation Titan. There's definitely a lot more to talk about regarding the Ampere GPUs but we will have to wait until more information comes our way.

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